Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adventures in parenting

Kids are hilarious! I'd like to be in their heads for a few minutes each day to see why and how they think of the things they do........

The girls were playing loudly and I asked them to play in their rooms if they weren't going to play outside. A few minutes later Laura comes out tell me they are mad. She goes back in the room and comes out again. This time she says they are running away. Keyword: they. Never once did she say "I am". It was all "we". I think a big sister was feeding her stuff to say. haha! Then she comes out saying "We are running away because you put us in time out!" Hmmmm...interesting....I never put them in time out today. So while trying to keep from laughing, I said "fine pack a bag and go then...just run away." And she did! And I got video of it. Typical mommy in 2009...gotta get the digital camera out first.¤t=100_2510.flv

After that I told her to go play with Katelyn til daddy came home. She could run away then. I was thinking I'd follow her (with the camera of course) and see how far she'd go. Instead she went into the room and became repentent. About 5 minutes later she came out all puppy dog eyed and with a sad voice and a hug said "Mommy we're sorry we hurt your feelings. We're not runnying away."

Darn it! It would have made for some good pictures and video if she had! ;)

Lady Bug, Lady Bug

Lady Bug, Lady Bug
This is Katelyn's lady bug project for Girl Scouts.

She placed the larva into the habitat and waited for the lady bugs to come out.

When they became lady bugs, we watched them for a week and then released them in the backyard. Little buggers didn't want to come out. Took like 10 minutes to get them to go.

Fly Away Home.