Sunday, June 22, 2008

Growing up is hard

There comes a time in our lives when we all need to grow up.

Today Laura took a big step towards that thanks to her parents and boy is mad.

The changing table that got us through 2 kids was slowly falling apart. Screws missing, 2 storage shelves that never did fit in place from the day it was put together, a support bar falling off this week, changing pad being destroyed by cats with claws and above mentionned toddler with fingers. I wish I could say the changing table had seen better days but in reality we should have exchanged it 6 1/2 years ago cause it was a lemon from the very start. hahaha!

Katelyn was never that attached to it.

But Laura.........she has been alternating between crying and giving us the cold shoulder because we put it out with the trash. (trash day is Monday for us) And the horrors when someone with a pick up truck drove by and was checking out large items out. Poor kid about had a heart attack when she was them touching the changing table. Banging on the window, "Noooo my changing table! Miiiiinnnnneeee!"

And to think this is the same child that weaned from nursing cold turkey on her own at 12 1/2 months and gave up the pacifier pretty easy too.

A changing table......who would have thought she'd have an attachment to the changing table.

Poor Laura....growing up is hard.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

So this post is a day late. But it was just one of those days when I didn't get around to it. But I wanted to dedicate this to the dad's in our life because yesterday was Father's Day.

To my father-in-law Rick.....for being the calm one and the spiritual example the girls can look up to.

To my dad, John, who goes along with all my crazy ideas on fun family activities for the girls. And for the free lunches each week. :)

To the Best Dad, Hands Down! And feet down too! My husband, Clark. Thanks for being such a great husband and father.
I just had to get a close up of this......I bought this for Father's Day 2006 and the girls helped. Katelyn did her hand prints and Laura was just a little baby still and it was easier to do her feet. We compared them today. My how they've grown since then.

And this is what the daddy and 6 1/2 year old does when mommy takes a nap after church. They play with mommy's camera. They are lucky they didn't take one of me too. LOL!
Laura tired out. Being in nursery is very tiring you know.

Katelyn took this
Clark too this

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday Fun

Katelyn's school had an end of the year camp out. She wanted papa John to go with her and later daddy too. It's just one night. They left a little after 4 p.m. on Friday and headed to the school. As soon as the tent was up, Katelyn claimed one room of the 3 room tent as her very own. Papa didn't tell her that when he and grandma Sunny camp, they use that room as the porta potty room, LOL! A girl in one of her kindergarden classes was two tents down. Because Katelyn had no baby sister along, Silvana came and joined Katelyn alot. Guess she got tired of her own baby brother. She even stayed in their tent more than half the night til she missed her family. But as soon as the sun came up she was right back in the tent with Katelyn. Too funny! Here they are watching Indian dancers that were part of the evenings entertainment. She had a lot of fun and thanks to my dad for being a good sport and going when his oldest granddaughter asked. You rock dad!

And what did Laura do while big sis and daddy were away? Well daddy helped blow up her pool before he left and she went swimming. She looks a lot like me at this age in this picture.

She was loving her pool.

And yes when I turned my back for a brief second she got nakey. Decided that skinny dipping was much more fun than wearing a suit. I think my mom has a picture of me doing the exact same thing at this age. So like mother, like daughter. hahaha!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

she got me!

My kids always crack me up. They always come up with the funniest things.

This evening I was sitting on the couch with Laura and I look down and she's picking her nose. I told her to stop it. Next thing I know she's wiping her nose finger on my shirt. I say "Heeeeeyyy! Don't wipe that on me!"

And with all her impishness she gets that little sparkle in her eyes, that grin on her face and says "It's okay, I done now mommy!"

As if that makes it any better! LOL!

And then there's Katelyn who finally mastered the art of buttoning clothes. She was so excited. She's also into asking us at odd times if we knew how to do things or if we did certain things when we were kids. So she goes "Did you know how to button when you were a kid?" I matter-of-factly said "Yeah when I was like 3." Clark started to say something and then she goes "Ahem! That was a baby! You have to be at least 4 to be a kid!"

Need a good laugh....come borrow my girls. :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saturday at the Zoo

Saturday the girls and I asked their aunt Kathy if she wanted to hang out with us. She suggested going to the Santa Ana Zoo. That sounded great so off we went.
Katelyn and Laura posed on a giant frog statue.

Then they posed on a giant tortoise statue.
We tried to see the animals. But they were all sleeping like this lemur here.
Oh wait! Here's a monkey that was awake. He was kind of mad too.
He didn't want people taking pics of his wife and baby. (hard to see baby here)
Oh wow! The llamas were awake too!
So were the birds in the avery.
They had a jaguar maze. At the beginning I went one way and they went the other to see who would make it out first. I was sitting for a good 5 minutes watching their feet. They'd get to the middle and work their way back to the right. They finally made it out again but came out the entrance. LOL!
In the farm area, Katelyn fed some goats.
Laura did too.
Laura became a turtle.
Hey there's our Thankgiving dinner for this year! He looks big enough to have a feast.
Look at my little hatchling.
We rode a train....this train used to be at Santa's Village where I went a few times when I was a kid.
On the ride we saw this beautiful white horse.
Oh hey! I guess there were some animals awake today! The biggest monkeys the zoo had out that day! hahaha! I just couldn't resist that one!