Saturday, January 16, 2010

Long time no blog

Some of you, my faithful readers, may wonder where I've been. Partly Facebook is to blame. I easily get caught up there. I had to stop playing a bunch of games due that very reason. The other reasons...or excuses depending on how you look at it....are as follows:

1) Since November our family has battled 3 bouts of the regular influenza. No oinking here, just lots of sniffling and complaining about not feeling well. The first two rounds just the girls and I got sick. The most recent round all 4 of us got sick. It started with Laura on Christmas Eve, then onto Clark and Katelyn on Christmas no less, and finally I came down with it the day after. We were all pretty much sleeping or just not well enough for the kids to fight. We sat around watching or sleeping through movies we got for Christmas. Then just as we started to feel better, 3 of us had sinus infections. Clark and Katelyn were so sick from those and it was just days away from Katelyn's baptism. So we called our friend and our home teacher for a blessing and they were soon much better.

2) My computer decided to crash a couple of days before Christmas. Lovely. My computer tech husband can't even figure it out. So I'm having to share Katelyn's computer. My pictures and program are on my computer so until I find the disc to load onto hers I can't share any new pics. Grumble, grumble.

3) The holidays are just plain busy for us anyhow.

4) Katelyn was baptized January 2nd. It was a nice day and as soon as I get those pictures loaded onto this computer I'll blog all about her special day. I have one more desk drawer to go through still. Let's all hope it's in that one.

Hopefully I'll be back to blogging about our family again soon. Until then we hope all our friends and family are doing well.