Sunday, August 24, 2008


I bet you thought I was going to talk about this ER. Well I'm not.I'm going to talk about this one. Or one similar to it. The ER is where my dad and later myself and Clark spent our Sunday afternoon. The ER of Kaiser Permanente Fontana to be exact.
This is Katelyn. The one who got hurt. We aren't really sure what happened. She stayed at my parents' house for the weekend and was having a fun time. We were to pick her up Sunday after church. I decided to call before we left and saw my dad had called us while we were at church, telling us he was taking Katelyn to the ER for a split lip. She was playing in the guest room with the toys all by herself and somehow hurt her lip requiring stitches. We rushed Laura to my mom and then we drove fast to from Rancho C. to Fontana to be with Katelyn. She was fine with them numbing her but freaked out before we got there when they tried to stitch it up. So they needed to sedate her. That was actually pretty funny watching it take effect. She was holding up her hand like she'd never seen it before. Clark had been getting the carseat from dad's car and came in when it took effect, he thought she was waving at him. "No dear. She has no clue you are here. She's waving at the imaginary people." ER doctor had a good laugh at that one. ER doc stitched her up so that she'd have minimal scarring. "She's a girl. Girls are self-conscience as they get older. I don't want her to look in the mirror one day and hate seeing a scar." He was really great with her. Now she had a busy weekend up til that point. So with the sedation, she fell asleep.......we had gotten to the ER at 3 p.m.....we didn't leave the ER til 7:15 p.m. I think she woke up around 6 p.m. But she spet the next hour very woozy and sick to her stomach. To be sent home, she needed to be sitting up and using that bathroom on her own. Well each time she sat up, we were reaching for the puke bucket or bags. Yes, that was one of the lovely side effects of the sedation. Poor baby. Finally the doctor okayed a medicine to ease the puking. It worked for us to get her to my parents' house. They watched the girls while we grabbed a bite to eat and then we headed home. It was a pretty long day. Not exactly the best way for a kid to end a fun weekend. Poor little gal. I felt so bad for her. But she's been a trooper though she feels icky.

Don't these pictures make you want to give her a great big hug? Poor baby.

Laura was very concerned about her sissy. She'd been looking forward to seeing Katelyn. She missed her while she was gone. We had to tell her that sissy hurt herself and that papa John took her to the hospital. So when she finally got to see Katelyn, Laura was being extra nice to her. On the way home I glanced back and saw this. So I had to take a picture. It just warmed my heart to see Laura had reached out to hold her big sister's hand while she slept. And to think this is the same little sister that's been tormenting her big sister for the last week and half just because she's so good at it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So this blog is for Theresa who was letting me know that I needed to update again. Since we haven't done anything blog worthy around here lately, I decided to give my best excuses for my blog being on sort of a hiatus the last few weeks.

10. I've been acting as referee to Katelyn and Laura who are fighting and yelling and screaming all day long.

9. I've been on a Nora Roberts reading kick. The hot and heavy scenes (while pretty mild compared to the Fabio covered books I read in high school) just get me so worked up that I can't think to blog.

8. We've been feeding the missionaries so often lately because the ones in our ward rock and so I've been working harder at keeping the house clean so they don't ask if they can help me clean house as a service project. Keeping house clean=little time to blog.

7. I've forgotten my password a few dozen times.

6. I've acted as Tooth Fairy twice in the last few weeks. Katelyn now has that cute, wide, toothless grin from losing both her two front teeth. Playing Tooth Fairy means staying up late and thus being too tired the next day to blog.

5. My birthday is coming up. I'm too busy writing a list of things I'd like because Clark and my mom have asked me for ideas. Blogging took a back seat while I've been writing my birthday wish list.

4. We've been busy measuring our bedroom window and getting a curtain rod and curtains. Don't ask! I refuse to elaborate on how we discovered that after 3 years the mini blinds weren't enough.

3. My cat Cookie sits across the keyboard for me to love him up. Can't blog if I can't see the keyboard now can I?

2. Sometimes I think my blogs are way too boring. (esp after reading Tricia's......girl I love your blogs!)

And my top reason for not blogging lately:

1. The Olympics! I can't get enough. From Michael Phelps burning it up in the pool to women's gymnastics to beach volleyball to our sweep in men's track and field hurdles. The Olympics and our Americans rock!

There are you happy now Theresa? My blog is updated, hope you liked it. :)