Saturday, January 31, 2009

My little Daisy

There's a reason I never worked in retail. There's a reason I left Scandia years ago when they started having me work snack bar/cashier once in a while. I hate trying to get people to buy things! Even if they are willingly doing it. I just don't like to say "Hey buy this product please!" or "Would you like to buy this? It's a really great thing!" Just not something I'm good at.

And then.......I have a 7 yr old first grader named Katelyn who decided she wanted to be a Girl Scout! I was cool with that. Afterall, Daisies don't sell cookies yet.

Wrong! The Girl Scouts decided to have Daisies help sell cookies this year. Ack! Thoughts of selling door-to-door and at stores filled my mind with dread.

Luckily.....since they are so young, those two things are not allowed. Whew! Saved! But wait....

The district asks that each girl sets a goal of 200 boxes to sell. So our troop leaders asked us to try and make that at least. What?! Are you serious?! The bulk of sales comes from the two methods we can't do and we still have to try and reach this goal! "Oh but you and I are LDS, we can pass around a sign up sheet in Relief Society." Maybe in her ward. I called another mom, a mom who is a Brownie troop leader and has 3 girls in the ward in her troop, and she said she's talked to our bishop and he says nope. We can however pass out fliers after church and/or place them on the cars (she'll have her husband do this as he's not a member and can come before he picks them up and do that). But with 4 girls in one small ward selling I know we won't get many sales this way..if any.

Oh we've gotten sales here and there...close family and friends, a neighbor here, a neighbor there. Three staff members at Katelyn's school ordered. Clark took the order form to work and got 4 orders. My dad took an order form to work and has at least 5 orders. (and not just a box per person either for these orders) I took the form to Laura's Fun Friday class and got 3 orders. One of those from a dad who swore up and down he would not buy. Apparently his sister sold for years and they always bought too many. But then...."oh alright, I'll buy some thin mints. and I better call my wife and ask what she wants." The teacher and I were laughing at his weakness. I still have a few more families committed to buying. Got an appt set up on Sunday to see the family of a classmate of Katelyn. All this extended family (one aunt and uncle being active LDS and in our ward, some inactive, some not members) all love Girl Scout cookies and they said when she joined G.S. to make sure we let them know when it's time to buy cookies. So I did.

So slowly orders are trickling in for pre-orders. Then there's still another whole month to sell after. I doubt we'll get anything after pre-orders. I doubt we'll even get close to the 200 box goal. We have sold about 49 boxes so far. 40 boxes is 20% of the goal. So we've reached that. Yeah! 80 boxes will be 40% of the goal. I think we'll be able to make that and I'll be happy. Afterall, it's mostly me selling them. When I do bring Katelyn she gets all shy and can't seem to ask what she needs to ask. So it's been me, my dad, and Clark making all the sales. Given the limitations of how we can sell for Daisies and not knowing too many people to sell to, I think we're doing pretty darn good. I'll be thrilled if we reach our own 40%/80box goal! Anything else will just be icing on the cake.....or ummm cookies in this case....for us.

Though I am happy about our selling......I still hate being a salesperson! With passion! This is the only thing I hate about Girl Scouts.

But I sure to love my little Daisy...........

Friday, January 30, 2009

I love this kid!

Not that I don't love Katelyn.....but it's a whole new ball game with Laura and how verbal she is at 3 compared to how Katelyn was. But she just cracks me up. Tonight we let the girls stay up late and watch Annie. Now at one time, Katelyn was afraid of this movie. It all started with the "Little Girls" song Miss Hannigan sings. It scared her because she is a little girl. Now she's 7 and "not scared of it anymore."

So anyhow, they are watching the movie and that song comes on. I start singing it just to annoy them. Laura turns around in complete shock and loudly proclaims:

"You can't hate little girls! You're a mommy!"

Of course I can't hate them.....not when they are this darn cute! ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


One of the major holidays is coming up. And that means......socks! "Socks?!" you ask. "Why socks?" You see I have ugly feet. Feet that only my husband and kids see. Oh and my parents when I swim at their house. But I don't let very many other people see my feet. No photos of cute pedicures for this woman....I won't even let the pedi people see these feet. But for big know, any of the holidays where you can find cards, candy, decorations, etc in every single store for......I can always find socks. Cute socks for that particular holiday.

Those that I've told this little secret of mine to (which is obviously not a secret any more), know that it started with Christmas socks. I've since branched out to Halloween socks too. And this year I have......Valentine's socks. They were too cute to pass up taking pictures of. So here are my cute socks covering up my ugly feet.

So now it's your turn..........anyone who reads my blog, just for fun go and get some cute socks, not so cute socks, a pedicure on your cute toes, and take a picture and blog about it. Anything goes as long as it is socks or pedicure related. I dare ya! :)