Monday, April 20, 2009

A Busy Month

We've had a busy month and once again I've slacked on my blog posts. So here are pics of some of the things we have been doing this past month. Enjoy!

Laura had her first hair cut. Okay so maybe it wasn't quite a hair cut. She hopped into the chair and proudly told the stylist "Just a twim pwease! No short cuts!" Yes she was fine with sitting there as long as we promised she would NOT end up with short hair.

One day I left to run a couple of errands. Clark was taking a shower when I got back and the girls were all in a tizzy. They couldn't find Cookie. They thought he was lost. The girls were close to tears. I went into the kitchen for a glass of water and found him here. How appropriate. Cookie in a cookie box hiding. Gotta love it.

End of March and beginning of April is birthday mania here. Here the girls are helping papa John celebrate his birthday on March 30th. Below is Laura at her cousin M's 2nd birthday. It always makes me laugh these days that the girls are 17 months apart and they are about the same size. Other birthdays that I forgot to take pics at......grandma Sunny and papa Rick both celebrated their birthdays on April 6th.

Katelyn has had a great teacher this year. Katelyn was thrilled to be able to pick out gifts for the baby shower for Mrs. Good. Sadly after maternity leave, she won't be back to teaching. The baby will be born with a severe case of spina bifida. As she prepares to have her baby soon, please keep her, the baby and her family in your prayers, I know they will appreciate it.

We celebrated Easter. We colored eggs....which we later used for deviled eggs. We had egg hunts at papa Rick's and our own house. (using plastic eggs for that) And we got the girls new dresses and got them all pretty for church.

There was more thing we did. But that story will be shared separately. I'll blog again tomorrow with that so stay tuned.......

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