Sunday, May 10, 2009


At the end of April, our friends, the Hamlets, came down from WA state for a Disneyland trip. For Clark this is a time to see his best friend who lives so far away. So we decided to splurge and got the southern CA resident passports so we can go back all year round. Here are a few of my favorite pictures and moments from the week of my girls.

Laura was in such awe to be there the first day. This picture on It's a Small World says it all with her expression. I'm glad I caught this in picture.
One of her biggest moments, besides the picture with Mickey Mouse that she HAD to have, was that she was tall enough for 1 "big girl ride".....the Matterhorn. Now she's hooked. We just took them to Disneyland on Friday night for a few hours and we had to ride it twice.
Katelyn loves Star Wars like her daddy. We took the girls to the Star Wars show and she was chosen at the Jedi training camp. Despite her having issues figuring out how to work the light saber we are proud to say that she was one of the half the group of kids that fought Darth Maul and we are the proud parents of a Padawan. Goooo Katelyn!

She also got to meet her favorite princess....Princess Aurora. She was on cloud 9 over that. And the best part was that Katelyn was in pink that day too which made Princess Aurora happy. :)

It was truly a fun week and we are looking forward to many more family memories made at the most magical place on earth....or is that happiest place on earth...either way it fits.

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