Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day and Family

First off.........

Well actually Happy Belated Father's Day to all the men in my life who are fathers, grandfathers, and uncles. I hope you had a great day! Here is Clark with his favorite girls when we showered him with his cards and gifts. The cake was Katelyn's gift. I bought a plain store bought cake and some decorating gels and did the words myself. Laura gave him a game.....that he can play with her. I guess she liked the game she got me for Mother's Day so much that she had to get a game for daddy for Father's Day. LOL! Clark loved it though. We played it tonight and it was fun. Laura won even. :)

Today was also a day for family. First off, here is an old picture I dug up. It was taken nearly 3 years ago at an Oyler family reunion. Laura was about 9 months old in this picture. Her cousin Jaron (or is it Jarom...I'm telling you I can't keep the Oyler names straight, I love them but there's just too many of them and we see them so little that I draw name blanks 5 minutes after they leave, I'm horrible with names, so if any Oylers are peaking in.....please set me straight) was close to 1 or already 1 when this picture was taken.

Now here they are 3 years later. Look how they've grown! They got along great too. Which was nice since Laura has been a pistol playing with other kids her age lately.

So we spent the afternoon with family. My father-in-law Rick and my sister-in-law Kathy live semi-locally. We probably would have spent Father's Day together anyhow. But they came over for a bbq (thanks to master griller, Clark) because some of the Oyler family was in town briefly. Uncle Dean (one of my late mother-in-law's brothers for those that don't know them...probably most of my blog readers), aunt Claudia and their 3 daughters, 3 son-in-laws and grandson were on a cruise this past week. Their port of call was Long Beach, which is pretty much our backyard. So before heading home, most of them came over for a bbq. Heather and her husband (see an example of how I forget names) weren't able to make it, they just drove straight on home to Utah after the cruise. But we saw them briefly last week when they arrived. (we car sat for them) But we had the rest of the family here. It was a great visit....even if I did start to get a bit too much sun and had to go be anti-social and sit in the cool of the living room while everyone else enjoyed the outdoors. I got a group photo of everyone together:
Back: Allison's husband (another example of name forgetting), Allison, Stacy, Stacy's husband (yes forgetting again...I know they are all laughing at me by now), Kathy, Claudia, Clark, Dean
Front: Jaron (or is it Jarom?), Rick holding Laura, and Katelyn
We really enjoyed the brief visit! We wish more of the Utah relatives would come visit. Of course we know that goes both ways....we need to get up to Utah more often too. But hey....just remember all you Oylers.......California has Disneyland, Sea World, Legoland, Knott's Berry Farm, and the yeah come and visit us. We're all waiting! :)

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