Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blast From The Past

This picture and blast from the past moment is for one of my reader's who thought her daughter had a big owie for back-to-school photos. Grace be glad it Maddy's didn't bruise like Laura's did.

And for the curious here is the story on how this happened:

This was taken December 2006 when Laura was 13 months old. She'd been sitting on our bed petting one of the cats while I got dressed. I had just put my socks on and realized I'd left my shoes a few steps away. I got off the bed and as I walked across the room, Katelyn (then just turned 5) walked past me to also pet the cat. Only she tripped over the area rug and fell into the bed....hard. Now we have hardwood floors and the bed is on a frame with wheels. (we've never had a bedroom set just the frame that comes with the I know, LOL!) I turned around to make sure Katelyn was okay since I'd heard her yelp in pain to find that cat was flying through the air in one direction and Laura in the other......right towards the bookcase. The force of Katelyn falling into the bed had catapulted both cat and lightweight little sister off the bed. I raced to catch Laura.....but she hit the bookcase a second before I got to her. She hit the bookcase with her nose bridge. The result was a screaming baby with a large cut (luckily not deep enough for stitches) and a very swollen and bruised nose bridge. It took a couple of weeks for the swelling to go down and a good month for the bruise to go away. The cut....well at almost 4 years of age, if you look closely you can see a faint scar from the incident.

Oddly enough about the whole thing is that with Katelyn, as a first time mom I did the whole freak out when she rolled off our bed onto a carpeted floor in the home we lived in. I never placed her on a bed alone til she could sit up and NOT crawl or roll off. When Laura came along, I never placed her on the bed as a tiny infant and we only had just started letting her up there to pet the cats if we were in there. She would never move from the center of the bed. She'd sit there petting the cat as happy as a lark. So it wasn't like she was moving. It was all a freak accident caused by a clumsy big sister. She wouldn't come near our bed for a long time.....and actually neither would Katelyn. Both were too afraid after the whole ordeal. Don't rightfully blame them but in looking back that makes me chuckle a little.


Grace Tolman said...

very funny but "sad for Laura" story. Thanks for sharing. Yes, Laura wins the booboo prize! :)

Shirley said...

Poor Laura. My daughter also got hurt on the bridge of her nose when she was about that age. She wasn't cut, just dented and bruised. : ) But she's now 30 and still has the mark.