Saturday, August 13, 2011

Update and News

Wow! I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged. I totally missed blogging about Laura's birthday. She turned 5 in November. I didn't take many pictures though. I was too busy hosting our first friend party that got moved indoors because it rained the night before and everything was wet outside. That was an adventure and one I never plan to repeat. haha! It was a whirlwind of a few months. Laura gave us a run for our money.....who am I kidding, she still does. We are currently seeking out professional help and it looks like ADHD. Through all this I'm learning that it is highly probable that I have ADD. And let us not forget Katelyn and her being on the autism spectrum. Poor Clark, between all of us I'm surprised he sticks around. He must really love us. :)   School will be starting soon. Katelyn will be in 4th grade and Laura by the sheer fact that she does so well academically will be in 1st grade. It was iffy for a while if she would repeat kinder but her teacher and I felt she'd be too bored and the negative behaviors due to the ADHD could become worse if held back. So on she goes. But the 1st grade teachers have been warned. haha!
Now let's see. Our biggest news of all. We bought a house! Our first real home. (for my long term friends you might remember we owned a mobile home at one time) The most hilarious part is that it is 2 houses down from the house we've rented for the last 6 years. So after a year and a half of looking, losing an agent, being out bid, having games played when we did get a bid accepted, and then deciding to wait a while, we end up getting a house just 2 houses away. And it feels right. We walked in and just knew it was ours. So let the packing beginning!
The home is move in ready. We just need to put our own stamp on it. First order of business: We promised Katelyn (who will be 10 in a few short months), a room makeover. She needs a new bed anyhow and we also told the girls they can each have their own room again. (been sharing since December and for a few months they've hated it) Since Katelyn is growing up and isn't playing with toys as much anymore we promised her this. I'm starting with bedding. Whichever is decided on will be what I base wall color and accent pieces on. However she's got so many favorites and even I can't decide so I'm asking everyone I, facebook friends, and blog readers. Of course I know some of you are included in more than one category so if you'd already place a vote no need to do it here. Please leave a comment with the number of your favorite selection. I'm giving it a week to collect votes and then I'll tally them and announce which one was the winner and I'll post that. Thanks!
Oh and this will all be a surprise. She requested that. She doesn't want to see anything til it's all painted and decorated. I can't wait to escrow closes and we get the keys in our hot little hands. It'll be right around the time school starts and I can go in and paint while the girls are in school.
A view of her room from the door. The wall to left is where the bed will be and the wall between that and the window wall is where the closet and an a small alcove is. Not sure yet what to do with the alcove. A wardrobe and bookcase but do I want to buy them or have it custom made. Need to do this because closet is way too small even for a child.







 So now that you've seen all 8 choices......comment with your selection or selections. :)


Jamie and Preston said...

Congrats on the house cuz! I love the idea of a surprise makeover! My choice #3 or #7 they are both bold but also can grow with her without looking to little girlish! Good luck!

Kathryn said...

Thanks Jamie! I'm excited. It has taken nearly 13 years of ups and downs of finances for various reasons. And thanks to the hard work of my husband so I could be a stay-at-home mom, we are finally able to make the leap into real home ownership. We owned a mobile home once but we don't count that at all because we ended up hating it. Definitely not for everyone that's for sure.