Friday, May 23, 2008

Words of Wisdom

said by Laura as I'm showering this morning: "Oh no! Darf Vador is gonna get you! Wunnnnnn!" (actually if Darth Vador saw me in the shower he'd be the one running, hahahaha!)

A conversation with Laura today:
Laura: Free (as in three) times a day.
Me: What is 3 times a day?
Laura: Spankins!
Me: Spankings 3 times day? Why?
Laura: I need spankins free times a day!
Me: Will that help you not have so many screaming fits.
Laura: Yeah. Okay I go play now mommy.
Hmmmmm.........wonder if I should try it. It was her idea afterall. LOL! Just kidding of course.

A conversation with Katelyn last night:
Katelyn: Tomorrow is my school carnival.
Me: Yeah that's fine. We're not going.
Katelyn: But my teacher says we have to go to the carnival.
Me: Oh so the teacher over rides anything mommy and daddy says.
Katelyn: Yes! Cause she's the teacher. You're just the mommy and daddy.
Hmmmmm......think I'm going to have to talk to her teacher about that one.

I love my girls and their way of thinking. It makes me smile each day. :)

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