Friday, January 30, 2009

I love this kid!

Not that I don't love Katelyn.....but it's a whole new ball game with Laura and how verbal she is at 3 compared to how Katelyn was. But she just cracks me up. Tonight we let the girls stay up late and watch Annie. Now at one time, Katelyn was afraid of this movie. It all started with the "Little Girls" song Miss Hannigan sings. It scared her because she is a little girl. Now she's 7 and "not scared of it anymore."

So anyhow, they are watching the movie and that song comes on. I start singing it just to annoy them. Laura turns around in complete shock and loudly proclaims:

"You can't hate little girls! You're a mommy!"

Of course I can't hate them.....not when they are this darn cute! ;)

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