Thursday, January 15, 2009


One of the major holidays is coming up. And that means......socks! "Socks?!" you ask. "Why socks?" You see I have ugly feet. Feet that only my husband and kids see. Oh and my parents when I swim at their house. But I don't let very many other people see my feet. No photos of cute pedicures for this woman....I won't even let the pedi people see these feet. But for big know, any of the holidays where you can find cards, candy, decorations, etc in every single store for......I can always find socks. Cute socks for that particular holiday.

Those that I've told this little secret of mine to (which is obviously not a secret any more), know that it started with Christmas socks. I've since branched out to Halloween socks too. And this year I have......Valentine's socks. They were too cute to pass up taking pictures of. So here are my cute socks covering up my ugly feet.

So now it's your turn..........anyone who reads my blog, just for fun go and get some cute socks, not so cute socks, a pedicure on your cute toes, and take a picture and blog about it. Anything goes as long as it is socks or pedicure related. I dare ya! :)


Elaine said...

Did you not see the TOFW devotional about FEET...Your feet are wonderful!!!!

GREENLAW said...

those ARE cute socks!! i LOVE cute socks... striped ones are my favorite! :) (but i LOVE pedicures!!... they really are heavenly!)

Greg, Raela and Austin said...

I should take a picture of my feet, just to put you at ease... Greg has always loved me feet, but if you look at the bottoms EICHEWAEWA!!! My friend Becky blogged about her feet sticking to dryer sheets ~ yes that's happened to me more than once.

Thanks for sharing your cute socks! I may take the challenge, someday, to blog something about my feet. :)

Love ya,

Keri said...

YOu are right. YOu do love socks. How fun to have 2 girls. I only have one but would have loved to have more. i love my boys too. But girls are girls.