Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Scriptures and Children

I think the saying goes "and a little child shall lead them" or it's pretty close to that. Lately am learning this to be true. You see, I have been a wee bit lazy about my scripture reading for a very, very, very long time. For Christmas some of you may remember that Katelyn (my 7 yr old) told me she wanted her own scriptures when I asked what she wanted for Christmas. Considering most kids ask for the latest and greatest toys at that time of year, this was no problem for our Santa to deliver. Last Christmas all toys aside, Katelyn sat grinning over her brand new set of scriptures.

Still we haven't been diligent in reading them. That is until last week. Katelyn reminded me about the reading chart. What reading chart? Our stake has a Book of Mormon reading incentive program. The first time they read the Book of Mormon, they will receive a wooden plaque with a scripture on it (I think...could be a little poem, I can't remember). Each time after that they read it, they will receive a bead to add to the plaque. Katelyn reminded me of this and said she wanted to start reading it. Starting so late in the year, I realized we might not finish it by the stake recognition night. So I sat down with a calender and the chart and figured it all out. Reading at least 2 chapters a day (except for a bunch in 2 Nephi where we don't have to read the whole chapters....just the chapter headings and/or a few key verses for the chapters that say to compare to Isaiah...those we can do 3-4 a day) with me, she can finish the Book of Mormon in time for the recognition. Since she has a November birthday, this means she will also be able to finish it right around her 8th birthday...right before she is baptized. She's excited about that. Not sure how much she is comprehending but she insisted she read the "real" one and not the scripture stories version. The important thing is that she's doing it and she's even asked to read "the other books after we finish the Book of Mormon." I love her love of reading and I love that it's including the scriptures.

And back to my opening line.......well it's spurred me to read mine as well. Since I'm reading the Book of Mormon along with her, I'm using my personal study time to read the Doctrine and Covenants. We have a reading guide to be used for the Relief Society broadcast in September. So I'm using that for myself. So my child is leading me and it feels great!
The picture above is Katelyn's chart. She wanted me to color the picture and I did. Over on the left side is where we started and how far we've come so far. Each night after we finish, she chooses a different color crayon and colors in the chapters we read that night. Then on Sunday she can go to the blown up chart in primary and move her push pin to where she's at currently so others can see where she's at. She was excited to get a push pin and mark her first spot this past Sunday.

And then there's Laura. For the little ones who aren't quite reading yet or those just learning to read (so technically Katelyn falls into this one too....she just preferred not to), they can earn their recognition if they read the Book of Mormon Stories book twice in one year. So Laura is doing this with us. Each night she gets 1 or 2 chapters read to her. Usually 1 but sometimes she wants 2. She will also be able to finish in time for the stake recognition. She's so cute though....she sees big sister actually reading verses so she wants to read too but she's still learning to recognize letters of the alphabet. So I'll read a few words and then she repeats them. It makes her feel as if she's reading the book.
And another goal for Katelyn.....passing off Articles of Faith. She's never been very good at memorizing. During the school year we were more focused on helping her learn poems for class. Trying to help her with Articles of Faith then was too much for her. But this summer we are working on it. She just passed off #1 and for the next two weeks we are working with her on #2. Her goal is 4 Articles of Faith before school starts. Mine for her is 5 but we'll see. Some of them are a wee bit too long for her still. But we'll get there eventually. Still I'm proud of her for passing off #1. I know it wasn't easy for her and she did it!
And a little child shall lead them......


Aunt Kathy said...

Yea for the Raile's and Yippee Yea for Katelyn!! Good job Laura!

The Crazy Coxes said...

How fun!
Good for Katelyn!

Shirley said...

Good job Katelyn!!! I love that your stake has the incentive program. Is that a Primary program or for anyone in the stake?

Kathryn said...

Shirley, it's a Primary program for our stake. I love it too. Our other stake didn't do this. Katelyn is making great progress. I think I'll update at the beginning of August on how she's doing with this and with her Articles of Faith.