Monday, August 17, 2009

Katelyn's Progress

I said in my last blog update that I would do a monthly report at the beginning of each month in regards to Katelyn's goal of reading the Book of Mormon before her 8th birthday. I've been a bit lazy about updating my blog this summer. But her it is finally. This is her reading chart as of 8/7/09. As you can from the first blog about it, she has made some wonderful progress. She loves to pick up her scriptures and read a chapter here and there throughout the day. The goal initially was 2 chapters a day, except for the Isaiah chapters where we didn't have to read the whole chapters...just certain verses or only the chapter heading....and those we read a 3 or 4 in one day. But now we are often reading 3-5 chapters a day. I'm sure we'll slow down to 1 chapter a day once school starts though.

As for her goal of learning the Articles of Faith. She has passed off 1, 2 and 3 already. She is currently working on #4 and I'm sure it'll take her a few weeks for that one as it's a long one. But she is plugging away each day to learn it.

Laura is making progress as well. We are 6 chapters away of reading the Book of Mormon Stories book the first time through. We are ahead in our reading schedule with her as well. Everytime Katelyn says "let's read a chapter mommy!", Laura comes running over "me first! me first!" and I read her a chapter as well.

I'm really proud of my girls and their excitement for the scriptures. Well Katelyn at least...some days Laura just digs those stubborn 3 yr old heels in and says "no way!" But she makes up for it the next day when she makes me read 3 chapters. LOL!


The Crazy Coxes said...

This is sooooo awesome!

Shirley said...

Good going, Katelyn and Laura on scripture reading!

Kathryn, do your girls like to sing? Maybe singing the 4th Article of Faith song would make it a little easier.