Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Doctor Visit

Okay so call me a procrastinator. School starts in a few weeks and I'm finally making all the doctor appts. On top of that, today's appts were a combo for age 3 and 4 since I totally didn't get them seen for well child visits on their birthdays last year. That's cool though, I was told they didn't need shots then or now. Laura not til next year and Katelyn doesn't need to get seen til 2011 for her next well child visit.

So are some stats from the visit.

Katelyn....4 ft. 1.25 in. tall....47 lbs 3 oz.....everything healthy, though recommended that she see an optometrist to check her vision since doing eye chart she was not 20/20 on one eye, but I am ahead on that, Clark and I need new glasses and since we got them at young ages and I was already making appts I went ahead and made one for Katelyn too, that appt is on Sept. 11 of all dates. While it won't be the end of the world if she needs glasses let's hope this date doesn't prove to be a bad omen for us.....when I was pregnant with her in 2001, on the actual day all the events happened that ingrain this date in all our heads for the rest of our lives, I had a doctor appt to check how I was doing with diet controlling my gestational diabetes. And it wasn't controlling it at all and I was placed on insulin injections that day. And I hate needles. Blech! So let's hope taking her to the eye doctor on that date doesn't have us walking away with her in glasses. LOL! I also told the pediatrician about the school district recommending her being tested for autism and ADD at her triennial eval. So she put in a referral for me for their behavioral group to do all that. We should be getting a call within the week to set up the appt.

Laura.......30 lbs, 9.6 oz........3 ft. 2.5 in. tall......this pediatrician saw us through Laura's growth problems as an infant when she completely dropped off the charts for the longest time because of that, Dr. P was excited to see how well Laura is doing and says you'd never know now that she had those growth issues. I agree. She is petite and probably always will be. But it's nice to see that she's right there with the other petite girls born within a few months of her either way that never had the growth problems she had. So she's basically caught up with the naturally petite girls. Miss Stubborn refused to the let the nurse do the blood pressure. See big sis started to freak out on it. Nurse and I quickly calmed her and she allowed nurse to do it. But it was enough to scare little sister. We discussed Laura's asthma. She has been diagnosed but only ever has had symptoms when she's had a cold. However during the lovely Santa Ana winds southern Cali gets during heavy wind season, I noticed Laura had a hard time breathing on our walks to and from the school. Dr. P says heavy winds can be a trigger for some kids like Laura and to always carry the inhaler with me because you never know when she'll need it. Might me one season she'll be fine and the next need it. Or it could change daily during windy seasons. And the worst part of the visit for Laura.........blood draw!

At her 2 yr old check up she needed routine blood work that they do at that age. One thing they tested for then was iron levels. Hers came back that was mildly anemic and we were told to give her iron drops and given a list of iron rich foods for her diet. So Dr. P put the orders in the lab for a blood draw for that. She said it would be like last time, just a finger prick. Wrong! Guess she didn't know the lab start doing the regular blood draws at a certain weight and size and Laura was that size. She started to panic. I was asked to put her in my lap. Ha! They make these swivel seats so you can slide in no matter your size. But if you are overweight and need to put a 30 lb, 38-39 in child in your lap there is just no way you can both sit there. Luckily there as a thin tech who loves kids who came over and held Laura. Still.....the screaming and the crying. And not just during the blood draw, after too. We have a small medical office compared to other Kaiser's I've been to. I swear the whole building heard her as some hallways echo. The poor ladies on the elevator with us. And then the huge echoing lobby. And it continued out to the parking lot.

And then an angel in disguise.......just as we reached our van, a man was getting out of his truck. He comes over and says "Oh sweety, what's wrong? Why the tears? Why so upset? Oh the big bad lab people took some blood?" Then he shows her his arm (a dialysis arm like my mom) and Laura stops crying, "That looks like gramma's arm!" He didn't ask for elaboration, just continued his soothing Laura "You should see what they do to my arm 3 times a week. And I don't cry. Not one bit. You are so brave today." Then she wiped her tears as she nodded and said "Yeah, I'm brave." And then he left on his way. And you know what.....though she had her pouty lip on, she didn't shed one more tear, cry one more cry, or scream one more scream the whole way home. God bless my dialysis angel today!


KelliSue Kolz said...

What a precious dialysis angel. He did good.

My Emma and Merina had their physicals this week too. They're both petite. Emma at 3 weighs 31 lbs and is 33 inches tall and Merina weighs 46 lbs and is 46 inches tall. At this rate the pediatrician jokes - we can only hope Merina is out of her booster seat in time for Driver's Ed.

Kathryn said...

Emma weighs 1 lb more than Laura but then I'm sure Emma isn't as picky an eater. Merina and Katelyn sound about the same size. How old is Merina again?

The Crazy Coxes said...

LOL to both KelliSue and Kathryn.

The physicals sounded pretty eventful! ;)
Luckily, there were no shots involved!

We have physicals in a couple of weeks and shots will be involved.
One time we went with our neighbors to the doctors, the neighbor boy screamed so loud during his shots that my kids could hear him through the walls in the exam room. They were mortified at his screaming and didn't make a peep when it was their turn.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that Laura has officially surpassed Lily. The other small girl on the board! At her shot visit in July she was 28lbs and 30inches! Glad to hear how well she is doing!