Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July! Since we have rented the house we live in now, we host a bbq here each year. Normally we have more people over but this year only a few were able to make it. That's okay. We still had fun. If you're ever in southern Cali for the 4th of July, head on over! Esp if you love water fights. That's our other annual tradition. Get soaked to keep cool. After we eat, anyone in the backyard still sitting is fair game. Even the kids who visit the neighbors come over for the water fight fun. Adults, kids, we all join in. Here's some photos so you can share in our fun day too.
Laura posing in the outfit she's worn for the 4th for the last three years. She's so skinny still that she's managed that.
Katelyn in the outfit she picked out. I tried to pick out something a bit more patriotic but she said she didn't want to look like a dork. So she picked out the red, white and blue glitter star shirt.
Clark sitting down for the water fight. That's just one of our water guns. We have at least one that's even bigger than that. The bigger the better when it comes to water fights is our motto.
My father-in-law Rick played his ukele for us. He has some fun songs. I'll have to figure out how to get video on here to share one of the songs I got on video.
Soon it was time for fireworks. While Clark got things set up on our end, we watched the next door neighbors do theirs.
Laura started standing on her head in excitement every time she saw the fireworks. I have no clue why but it was funny.
While Laura stood on her head, Katelyn did the "firework dance" which included some type of hula in it.
Now this is pure genious on my part! When Clark started doing our fireworks Laura was just way to curious and kept wiggling out of my arms to get closer. So I took the car seat out of the van, stuck it on top of a chair and strapped that girl in. She still got to watch them and I didn't have to worry about her bolting into the fireworks.
Clark had a little help with lighting them. Our friends' son Jacob stayed to hang out. He got to be the helper this year. He had a blast. I took him home after.
This is where Katelyn watched ours from....the neighbor's truck. She thought our grass was too close so she jumped in their truck.
Fireworks and bottled root beer (IBC)....what better thing is there than this? :)
Jacob and the giant sparkler
So that was our 4th. We hope you all had good ones as well.


Kevin said...

Hey there! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! We had a good BBQ, bought our annual fireworks at the reservation and shot them off with friends. I was even able to play some Halo 3!

We need to get as many of Rick's songs on video as possible. If you can record them and email them to me I can get them posted! :)


I can hardly wait for the new Star Wars movie - just under 40 days left... :)

GREENLAW said...

cute pics... looks like a great day! the carseat idea is really a good one!!