Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pile On Papa!

I've been lucky to have lived close to where my dad works since I got married. It just worked out that way. When it was just me, we started meeting for lunch once every few months. I'd go to his office and pick him up and then we'd go to one of a few local restaurants. Later when Katelyn was born it became once a month.

Then he switched office locations. That was cool, we temporarily moved in with them anyhow. But we found a place to 5 minutes from his new office. I told him we planned it that way. LOL! Not really, but it's fun to joke about. Laura came along shortly after and Katelyn was enrolled in preschool. Dad started coming twice a month because sometimes he couldn't come on days when Katelyn was there.

And somehow it's evolved into every week. Fine with me. Free lunches! Typically it involves McD's now. But sometimes we go to Round Table Pizza or a local Hawaiian food place called The Loft. But mostly McD's and he'll bring it to our place.

The visit starts off with him and his "it's the boogey man!" and making the girls scream when they forget he's coming and get scared. And the visits almost always end in a game of pile on papa. He loves it and so do they. Laura esp loved it last year when she got papa all to herself when Katelyn was in school. It's going to be a sad day when she starts more papa lunches. But I'll still have them. But I promise not to jump all over him. hahaha!

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