Thursday, July 24, 2008

Miss Katelyn

These have become my newest favorite pictures of Katelyn. For those that are reading this and don't know about her, Katelyn is a pretty happy child. But she has a lot of fears. We think alot of it is herself psyching herself out about it and because she's young she doesn't understand how to stop doing that. She gets it from me, I know I do this at times and I did it as a child too. Well one of the things she was a bit worked up over was swimming. I think some of it stems from when she had an allergic reaction to the combo of sunblock getting in her eyes and then chlorine from the pool water. She was just a baby but it was horrible. Her eyes swelled up and they were red and they hurt her. Freaked us out big time. So she's been a bit leary in the water. Esp when it comes to sunblock and getting her head in the water. Even jumping freaked her out.
So we were at my parent's house on July 5th. She was still a bit leary. But she saw all of us adults doing jumps and cannonballs and gosh knows what else that you should NOT do once you hit 25 (can you say "traction"? yeah we were all sore for days after, LOL!). Not even a week later, I took the girls back out just to swim. I get them all suited up and I turn around and Katelyn is doing this cannonball into the water like she's been doing it for years. I had to grab my camera. The look of sheer happiness on her face in that one shot is the best! Gone are all those fears of the water. She's arrived! She's happy! See her fly!

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GREENLAW said...

yeah! that's a great moment you captured! :)