Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits.....

It so sucks to have only 1 car for 2 drivers these days. Esp when one driver either isn't paying attention to when it's raining or just plain thinks that walking a block and half to the elementary school with a 3 yr old in tow is fun to do in the rain. Afterall, what's a little rain, right? Wrong!

I get the kids all bundled up. I get myself all bundled up. Get said 3 yr old in the stroller so she doesn't get too wet. Or so I hoped. Apparently the gutters and sidewalks in our area aren't too good with drainage. Some spots have ankle deep water. And then one house had a truck parked in the drivway blocking most of the sidewalk. I had no choice but to go around and into calf deep water. Oh yeah and there was a small opening for Katelyn to go through but she had her back pack on. I was getting ready to tell her to take the back pack off and toss it to me and then squeeze through the truck and motor home but she decided to run to fast through the calf deep water. Ugh! Oh well, she'll have to stay that way at school til it dries. It was like 4 houses from the school and I wasn't taking her all the way home to change.

Then we had to cross "the lake"! Okay so it's not really a lake. It's really a 4-way stop sign with cross-walks. But the cross-walks get totally flooded. I had Katelyn jump from curb to street where there was no lake. But I had to push the stroller through the lake. Yeah.....more calf deep water. Joy! Finally arrive at the school. Thank heavens for Charles. Charles is a grandparent who takes it upon himself to help direct traffic at the exit end of the parking lot each morning. He stops exiting cars when needed to let walkers cross safely. Well there is a street with corners but technically you can't cross there to get to the school because it's a driveway on the school side. But in the morning and 20 minutes before school lets out, it's not as busy so many parents (including myself in the afternoon) will cross there). In the morning I use the cross walk, easier with kids in tow. Well Charles saw how wet Laura and I were and knew that the cross-walk gets flooded and he says "Here, let me help." He stopped the cars so I could rush across the street where it's not flooded.

So I made it home without having too many flood spots. But still pretty wet. It wasn't pouring rain, but steady fall nonetheless. Get Laura and I in the houses. She suddenly screams. I turn her towards me thinking her jacket is choking her or something. Just as I have her facing me, she pukes all over me! Awww....the joys of parenting!

So now my little miss is sitting in one of the living room chairs with her favorite blanket and a bucket to catch the puke. She's looking rather sad. Just take a look for yourself. Love the fists....I think she's a little mad at daddy too for making us walk that block and a half in the rain. Looks like she wants to punch his lights out. LOL!


The Crazy Coxes said...

LOL! I'm not laughing AT you. I"m laughing WITH you. I hope the poor baby feels better and that the rain lets up!

GREENLAW said...

puking is NOT my favorite part of parenting!!! hope she feel better SOON!

Kathryn said...

I can't stand the puking either. And somehow my kids love to hold it in til they are in my lap or facing me for the first one. It's worse if Clark is home.....he'll actually wait til they are through before running to get a towel or a bucket to help me out. Of course he's never been puked on yet...so not fair!

An update: Laura was feeling fine today. I think it was bad milk she drank and it just upset her tummy the rest of the day.