Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday Fun

Katelyn's school had an end of the year camp out. She wanted papa John to go with her and later daddy too. It's just one night. They left a little after 4 p.m. on Friday and headed to the school. As soon as the tent was up, Katelyn claimed one room of the 3 room tent as her very own. Papa didn't tell her that when he and grandma Sunny camp, they use that room as the porta potty room, LOL! A girl in one of her kindergarden classes was two tents down. Because Katelyn had no baby sister along, Silvana came and joined Katelyn alot. Guess she got tired of her own baby brother. She even stayed in their tent more than half the night til she missed her family. But as soon as the sun came up she was right back in the tent with Katelyn. Too funny! Here they are watching Indian dancers that were part of the evenings entertainment. She had a lot of fun and thanks to my dad for being a good sport and going when his oldest granddaughter asked. You rock dad!

And what did Laura do while big sis and daddy were away? Well daddy helped blow up her pool before he left and she went swimming. She looks a lot like me at this age in this picture.

She was loving her pool.

And yes when I turned my back for a brief second she got nakey. Decided that skinny dipping was much more fun than wearing a suit. I think my mom has a picture of me doing the exact same thing at this age. So like mother, like daughter. hahaha!

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GREENLAW said...

looks like fun ways to start the summer off!! :)