Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saturday at the Zoo

Saturday the girls and I asked their aunt Kathy if she wanted to hang out with us. She suggested going to the Santa Ana Zoo. That sounded great so off we went.
Katelyn and Laura posed on a giant frog statue.

Then they posed on a giant tortoise statue.
We tried to see the animals. But they were all sleeping like this lemur here.
Oh wait! Here's a monkey that was awake. He was kind of mad too.
He didn't want people taking pics of his wife and baby. (hard to see baby here)
Oh wow! The llamas were awake too!
So were the birds in the avery.
They had a jaguar maze. At the beginning I went one way and they went the other to see who would make it out first. I was sitting for a good 5 minutes watching their feet. They'd get to the middle and work their way back to the right. They finally made it out again but came out the entrance. LOL!
In the farm area, Katelyn fed some goats.
Laura did too.
Laura became a turtle.
Hey there's our Thankgiving dinner for this year! He looks big enough to have a feast.
Look at my little hatchling.
We rode a train....this train used to be at Santa's Village where I went a few times when I was a kid.
On the ride we saw this beautiful white horse.
Oh hey! I guess there were some animals awake today! The biggest monkeys the zoo had out that day! hahaha! I just couldn't resist that one!

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GREENLAW said...

looks like fun!! we love the zoo, too! :) enjoy your last week of school!