Wednesday, June 11, 2008

she got me!

My kids always crack me up. They always come up with the funniest things.

This evening I was sitting on the couch with Laura and I look down and she's picking her nose. I told her to stop it. Next thing I know she's wiping her nose finger on my shirt. I say "Heeeeeyyy! Don't wipe that on me!"

And with all her impishness she gets that little sparkle in her eyes, that grin on her face and says "It's okay, I done now mommy!"

As if that makes it any better! LOL!

And then there's Katelyn who finally mastered the art of buttoning clothes. She was so excited. She's also into asking us at odd times if we knew how to do things or if we did certain things when we were kids. So she goes "Did you know how to button when you were a kid?" I matter-of-factly said "Yeah when I was like 3." Clark started to say something and then she goes "Ahem! That was a baby! You have to be at least 4 to be a kid!"

Need a good laugh....come borrow my girls. :)

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