Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back-to-School and stitches update

So how many pictures does it take to get the best shot of a 6 1/2 yr old for the 1st day of school pictures for the photo album and blog? Only about 3 outside ones where she's got funny looking faces because she keeps looking up at the sun and not at the camera.....and then back inside really fast to get a decent one.
Yes, today was the first day of school for Katelyn. But not only that. It was also the first day of 1st grade, the first day of walking to school (she was bussed last year), and the first day at a new school. Last year she was in special ed and was bussed to another school in the district. This year she was mainstreamed and her home school is just a block and a half away. She was a little nervous but did fine as the teacher led them into the classroom. Little sister on the other hand errupted into tears. When that didn't work she stomped her feet and all the way home. "No! No! No! I no go home! I want sssssiiiiisssssyyyy!" It only took about 5-8 minutes to get to school. But it took at least 15 minutes to walk home after dropped Katelyn off. Yes, that's how slow she walked, dragging her feet in between foot stomps, the whole way home.
Katelyn said her first day was good. She met some new friends but since she is so new to the school and she's as bad as me with names....she doesn't know their names. She really likes her teacher too. I think we'll be having a good year. But only if Laura doesn't drag her feet all the way home every single day. hahaha!
Oh and the stitches. I know some know about it. But there's a few that might have missed the update. As you can somewhat see in the pictures, they are still in. She should have had them out last week. However she put up such a fight at the doctor's office that we ended up having to take her to our closest Kaiser ER. While there I wasn't even given any options for removing them. The ER doctor just automatically wrapped her up in a huge sheet, laid her on a blue board, taped her to the board in a few spots and went to work. Then she still kept moving and sticking her tongue out from all her horrible screaming. He ended up having to take her ankles, her forehead, her chin, and put gauze in her mouth to keep the tongue down. Horrible! I know it was probably necessary but NO parent wants to see their child like that. And after all that, as he started removing them, the stitches on her top lip, it split back open. So those ones weren't ready to come out afterall. Only the two on the inside of her lip were ready to come out. Then her lip was numbed and the ER doc had to restitch the top of the lip. Tomorrow she is to go and get them checked out again and see if they are ready to come out. I foresee another trip to ER to strap her down again. I hate to say it......but sedation was much easier for me and her. At least with that she doesn't remember much. But she was quiet and sad for a few days after being strapped down and she's normally a happy kid.
I'll update tomorrow on how it goes......and also how I celebrated my birthday. Yes that is tomorrow. And if you ask Katelyn she'll tell you how old I am (29 forever) and that daddy lies when he says mommy is his age (36). ::::::evil laughing::::::

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