Friday, September 5, 2008


This is the one we got a great deal on for an 11 x 14.

This is my favorite fo Laura. She loves talking on the phone and this is such a natural pose.

Love the smile here! She had a blast on that rocking horse too.

Look how grown up she looks here.

Katelyn, my toothless wonder these days. This is my favorite of her solo ones.

So not her personality. She hates talking on the phone. But still a cute picture.
So I wanted to get pictures of Katelyn because her front teeth were out. Normally we go to JC Penney. Even though we always like a few poses, one or both of the girls always goes home crying after a session. If they are the slightest bit uncooperative their photographers at our local one get unnerved and struggle. Then they changed how much they pick up the phones. You're supposed to call and leave a message and the idea is they will get back to you. Never happens with me. I can call numerous times and nothing. But typically we can walk in and get the pictures done that day no problem. Not this time. We got the girls dressed, went over, at a time/day when it wouldn't be crowded. Nobody was there. Just the photographer. And we were told "Sorry, we can't take you right now and we are booked solid all day. Have you tried calling to set up an appt?" Yes! Told her the issue and she said "Hmmm....that isn't right. We always call back." Yeah right. (said very sarcastically) So I go ahead and book an appt anyhow. We left and even Clark was put off. I told him I'd call around and see if there's other places and check prices. Then we decided to walk around the mall. Since we were there and all.
And right next to the JC Penney we find this place that does old fashionned portraits. They provide the clothes. They had a deal for $15 on 11 x 14. Normally those are like $50. So we figured why not. The most that can happen is we'll only like one pose since the girls never last through more than 2 without hassle. We couldn't do it then but we set an appt. We did prepurchase the 11 x 14 to take advantage of the deal. Then Katelyn got hurt so we had to change the appt. They were totally cool with that. Finally the swelling was down so we went in even with stitches.
The same two girls who hate having pics taken, loved this place! They thought they were getting to wear princess dresses. The photographer was awesome with them and the girls laughed and giggled through the whole session. Today we picked up the pictures. Not one bad one. We ended splurging and plunking down $180 on the most expensive package and taking everything home. And that was a special. Normally it's $199.99. So we got a great deal at this place. The package included a cd of the session. The cd is in color. The actual photos are more muted to make them more old fashioned. But you can get the gist of the it all. I don't think I'd do it every year. But it was great to have these ones at least because they did turn out so well. They will definitely be treasured photos.


Theresa said...

Very, very cute indeed! Love the pictures Kathryn!

GREENLAW said...

very sweet pictures!! don't you just LOVE looking at them???

and happy belated birthday!!! :) glad you had a pretty good one!