Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dinner Time

It's hard to pick dinners that both girls will eat. That is eat without a fuss. But I found this recipe in a children's magazine my father-in-law had sent to Katelyn. Peanut Butter pizza. The concept was simple......take pita bread. Then slab on your peanut butter of choice. Ours is Skippy creamy by the way. The your favorite jelly or jam. Here we have grape jelly. Then top it with whatever fruits you want. Fresh or dried. Here we had sliced fresh bananas, raisins and a mixed dried fruits. The girls loved it! They loved it so much we had to make two of them so we all had enough to eat. I was most surprised with Laura. The child hates fruit of any kind unless it's in a smoothie. But she devoured these as well. A few days later Katelyn asked for one as an after school snack. That day she had sliced fresh strawberries and mixed fruit. If you have a kid who loves pb & j sandwiches as much as mine do then I highly recommend trying this pizza out. Best thing about it (besides the fact that they'll eat it) is that it requires no baking.

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