Monday, October 27, 2008

Cerritos Stake 50th Celebration

Saturday was our stake's 50th celebration. They did a huge 50's themed afternoon. The afternoon started off with a section of the parking lot set up with games played in the 50s. Katelyn loved the jump rope the best. There was dogs, chips and lemonade. Plus root beer floats. Food popular then and now.

Later we went through the "time tunnel" of the foyers and hallways was set up with tables with things used in the 50s and pictures hung depicting both secular things of the 50s and the stake through the years. It was pretty cool. My girls got to see what an old manual typewriter looked like and an old hair dryer. They were quite impressed.

Then you ended up in the cultural hall. First past stake presidents spoke. They were to speak briefly and then a dvd presentation was to be shown. But my fellow LDS readers will understand and probably laugh when I say that they went a little over time and the kids waiting to perform were getting a bit restless.

Then the fun began.........There was a "cultural arts" program. This was basically a 50s musical. A group of teen aged girls came out dancing and lip syncing to 9-to-5. They were dressed as waitresses from Peggy's Sue's diner. They were a great lead in. Then a cast of 4 men and 4 women were old school chums meeting at the diner before it was closed down. They had some fun one-liners and they sang a variety of 50s songs. I'd say the men rocked the house when they sang their rendition of Sha-Na-Na-Na-Na and Blue Moon. Then every now and then they'd say something like "Hey remember this song" or "Does anyone remember any of the old dances like the swim or the hand jive?" The adults would exit and a few seconds later primary kids from 5 different wards came out. There was one Sunbeam that got loud cheers when he did the hand jive. Man he flew on it! Our ward....Cerritos 1st.....danced to Splish Splash. One of the male teachers dressed in those old striped swimsuits, his bath brush was a giant toilet brush, he had a giant rubber ducky, it was great. But the highlight of that number was........

Laura! Leave it up to one of my kids. She ran out before the rest and started to dance. Then her eyes got huge at the audience and even more huge when she saw she was the only one out there. She looked adorable in that pink poofy poodle skirt up there. Of course I didn't have my camera on just yet. Grrrr! She ran back and then they all came out. And then they got into position (which was kneeling down to pop back up when the music started) and Laura was still standing, finger up her nose with one hand and the other waving and hollering "Hiiii mommy!" over and over til I had to wave at her. I was way in the back by the way. Finally she started dancing with all the rest but she was off cue a few times and would look like "what are we....oh yeah, that's what we're doing." Then the number ended. And you guessed it.....she was the last one on stage dancing. The people behind us were ooohing and ahhhhing over her between laughing and I just had to turn around and say "She's ours!" with a big grin. Never a dull moment with us around. I think she gets that from my side of the family. :)

The evening ended with an all age dance. We stayed for a bit but then headed to Bob's Big Boy for dessert with my parents. I should have taken pics there.....the manager and the waitress loved that they came in costume and had the classic hot fudge cakes and cherry cokes.

And now for your viewing enjoyment, a montage of the girls on their big day. (oh and a big shout out to Kirsten for helping me figure out how to post this! Thanks!)

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Cerritos CA 50th Celebration


GREENLAW said...

hey! i'm glad it worked... the pics are cute and it sounds like a fun activity!! i'm not sure why it is smaller on your blog... i've seen that before and wondered how they did it! it works, though!! :)

Kathryn said...

Glad I'm not the only one who made theirs small somehow. LOL! Yeah it was a fun activity. They really went all out. But I was reading the history book we bought and alot of the members in the stake now grew up and have lived in the area for a long, long, time and so it was a big deal for them.

Chrissie, Christine, Chris, Mommy, Mama, Maaaaa... said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I love reading stories about the girls... they always put a much needed smile on my face!! :) They are adorable as always!