Thursday, October 23, 2008

Prayers Needed Update

For those following on the status of my friend's Chrissie's son Mike and my grandma here are the much needed updates.

I don't even know where to begin with Chrissie. It's not me going through this, not my child and I don't want to get anything wrong. The link to her post is on my blog list to the right if you want to follow up for yourselves. Just know that they really do need the continued prayers and again for my LDS family and friends, please feel free to add them to the temple prayer rolls as well. Chrissie, I think of you guys everyday and prayer for Mike and your family every day. Please know that if I lived closer I'd help out in a heart beat whenever I could. And girl send me the address to your mom's please, I still have the gift for Katie here and ready to send.

News on my grandma. Gosh again I don't know where to begin. When I posted about it, the doctor pretty much had written her off as dying really soon and having dementia. She had come home from the hospital that same weekend and was weak and in bed, eating only soft foods cause she couldn't move her tongue to chew. She knew who people were but then would say something like "Oh no! The ceiling fan is leaking! The pipes burst in the fan!" or "We have got to hide Kevin (my cousin) and your dad! The police are after your dad and the FBI is after Kevin!" or "John (my dad) so your Sunny's (my mom) 8th husband." (to which my nutty dad would break into song with "I'm Henry the 8th I am, I'm Henry the 8th!", ever the sarcastic one, LOL!) And my favorite when she looked at my mom and said "I had 3 kids.....Phil, Sunny and you." I keep telling my mom she should have asked who she was. (really she only had two kids, uncle Phil and my mom, Sunny but blast I'll never get to find out who she thought my mom was now) It was so bad we had to keep a sense of humor about it or we'd go nuts with her comments. But slowly she began to eat meals. She's insisting on trying to use her walker. She may never walk without the aid of one around the house and may need to be push in a wheelchair when leaving the house. But she's taking a few more steps each day with my dad's help. And the dementia? Well supposedly that's not reversable but she's in her right mind again. So was it dementia or not? We have no clue. She did have a series of stroke though. That's the set diagnosis. They aren't sure if they were over time and the most recent one hit hard or if they were all in one weekend. And once you've had even one stroke it ups your chance of another. And well she's had a series of them. In the hospital the doctor gave her weeks to 8 months to live. She is at home with hospice care a few times a week and a nurse once a week to check vitals.

But she seems to be doing a lot better so it's all what ifs now. I think it has a lot to do with the Priesthood blessing my cousin Sam gave her the weekend she got home from the hospital. That weekend, my sister and her husband came down from Vegas and my brother had come from Long Beach (CA that is) with his daughter. Then the next day, my cousin Kevin was there with his daughter and ex-wife and my cousin Sam and his family from Arizona were all there. Grandma had Sam and my dad give her a blessing (Clark was not there, Laura was home pretty sick that weekend or he would have taken part as well). In the blessing, Sam said that though her time on earth was short, that it was not quite her time. She still had things to accomplish to help her family with before she passes on. The only thing I can think of is that I have felt impressed for some time now to sit down with grandma and go through all the pictures she has and write down names since most of her pics have no names written on the backs of them. Other things were said as well but I don't remember them. Just that main thing stuck out to me. And she has done amazingly well since that blessing. This month has been crazy buzy but I plan on heading out there one weekend and going through those pictures for sure.

Not that I don't want prayers for my grandma, but it just struck me as something powerful just now.....I'm asking for prayers for someone who has lived a long life and may very well be in the final months of it. And I'm asking for prayers for a little boy with a tumor who has a whole life ahead of him. One needs prayers that she may live out her final months (or years if Heavenly Father chooses) as pain free as possible and the other needs prayers that doctors will be able to figure out what kind of tumor it is exactly so they can start treatment on it asap so that he can live a long wonderful life. And man the tears are flowing big time and I'm going to go grab some tissue and get down on my knees and say a prayer right now because I just need to.


GREENLAW said...

you're definitely in my thoughts!! (and prayers)

Kathryn said...

Thanks, I really appreciate it!