Monday, October 20, 2008

Pa's Pumpkin Patch (part 2)

So yesterday I posted the pictures from this year. I couldn't help feel a bit nostalgic when I saw Laura sitting on the huge pumpkins that are set up right as you walk into the patch. So I thought I'd share pics from previous years we've been so you can see how much the girls have grown.

First up, 2006. That was the year we found out about the pumpkin patch. Laura was all of 11 months old that year. Not yet walking (she didn't walk til she was 18 months old). Look how little she is! Even the smaller pumpkins were bigger than her. And the costume.......a cute pair of jammies I found at a second hand store for $2 that year. In some of the pics she looks a bit stunned at the size of these pumpkins. Katelyn was almost 5 that year. Gosh these kids have grown so much.

These next 3 just crack me up. These are just your larger ones that you might carve up and stick on your porches. Even most of those were bigger than Laura. And they weighed a lot more too. We were still trying to get weight back on her after a long haul of her gaining a few then losing twice of what she'd gain. A month later she finally started gaining again. But I do believe she was all of 10 lbs here and the pumpkin we took home was a good 20 lbs.

Next up, 2007. Katelyn was a month shy of 6 and Laura a month shy of 2. November birthdays. LOL! Katelyn's hair is longer and Laura is a slightly bigger. Still pretty small though. And not quite weaned from the paci yet.

And this year, 2008. My little hams. I told them to look at the camer and smile and both of them struck the face in hands pose at the same exact time. Okay maybe not's fall....we'll call them turkeys instead. LOL! Katelyn's hair is shorter since we cut it this year. Both girls are much taller. Laura is still pretty petite for her age but she's definitely grown from last year.
Well that was fun! I hope you all enjoyed my little walk through pumpkin patch memory lane as much as I did.

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jenifer oyler said...

Katherine, thanks for the comments! Were glad you stumbled upon our blog. We'll add you to our blogging family and friends. Looks like you did have the same idea as us!!! Isn't everything more exciting and fun with little ones?