Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night

Laura hasn't napped when healthy since she was 18 months old. It's only when she's sick. Today I was cleaning the kitchen because all 4 missionaries were coming for dinner and I heard her at the computer. But then it got silent, really silent. I knew I hadn't heard her leave the room. I found her sound asleep at the computer. Guess she needed her energy for trick-or-treating because she took a 2 hour nap! I even had to run to the neighbors (the only ones home are the ones we have only talked to 3 times in 3 years) and ask if she could come watch her while I got Katelyn from school. That's how out of it she was.
Apparently she got her second wind because she was raring to go for our ward's trunk-or-treat. Yes they held it on Halloween night. It was only an hour and just the candy, parade, and prizes.

Here they are with Elder Anderson. The two adore him. Which is really funny because when Elder Tate was his comp they liked him more. But with Elder Slade they like Anderson better. Girls are just wierd. LOL!

Here they are with our Samoan buddies. Katelyn and Tiani are the same age/grade and Laura and Timmy are the same age. They only love 2 blocks over from us and we are all fairly new to the ward so we've hit it off big time. I even pick up Tiani for school every morning because 4 of the 5 adults in their home work and the 5th is the grandma and her doctor wants her to limit her walking. I have to take Katelyn anyhow so I gladly said I'd help out.

Back at our house, getting ready to go around our neighborhood. Clark takes them. I sit out with a lawn chair, a good book, a huge travel mug of ice water and I pass out candy all without leaving my chair.

Katelyn fixing her tiara. This is the second year she chose to be Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty for those who don't know their Disney Princesses).

Our pumpkin family. I did the big one. Katelyn drew the faces on the little ones and I carved them for her. They are simple but I got lots of compliments on them tonight.


Chrissie, Christine, Chris, Mommy, Mama, Maaaaa... said...

They are so cute! Sounds like a fun Halloween! :) Laura's nap is hysterical!

GREENLAW said...

adorable! :) glad you guys had fun!

jenifer oyler said...

Looks like you had a great Haloween! How fun that you get to be around the missionaries a lot. That is great for your kids to see that example!